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About Chiron Chiropractic

Mom and daughter making heart with handsAt Chiron Chiropractic , we want our practice members to feel comfortable telling us anything. When they meet Dr. Lawrence Callaway DC, they relate to his warm, welcoming, and honest approach to care. And he has a great sense of humor!

Open in Walnut Creek since 2014,  the current office is part of a studio gym.  The treatments can include chiropractic, fitness, mobility and nutrition.  Feel at home with Dr. Callaway and his wholistic care. Our other location in Pleasanton has been in operation since 2018.

A native son, Dr. Callaway DC came back to his roots to raise his family and provide his Walnut Creek community with the quality health care they need.
Meet Dr. Callaway

Our Mission

To help as many people as possible live up to their optimal potential.

Taking a Hands-on Helping Approach

One of the things Dr. Callaway DC enjoys about chiropractic is the ability to use his hands to affect changes in a patient’s life. Helping people live a more pain-free, performance-based life is important to him. He enjoys being part of your team of health care providers, helping you to be you the best you!

His definition of performance is being able to do the things in life you want and need to do (pick up children, swing a golf club, run a marathon, work, etc.). He also practices what he preaches, working with athletes inside and outside the practice. He does his best to do the things he tells his practice members to do.

Dr. Callaway DC is the only practitioner in his area that provides QSM3 adjustments, which brings many practice members into the practice. Don’t worry about how many visits you’ll have to make. Chiron Chiropractic is committed to delivering quality care in a timely manner, so you can start enjoying life sooner!

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Wondering whether chiropractic care will work for you? Contact us today. We’d love to chat with you and address your questions and concerns.

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